Learning Without Limits

Transform the educational experience with VRedu’s immersive, engaging, first of its kind technology.

Setting the Standard for Learners and Educators

VRedu’s virtual reality technology for education empowers teachers and students alike to unlock their potential in the classroom.

Optimized Environment

Create and customize an optimal classroom to maximize learning outcomes.
Knowledge Retention

Increase knowledge retention among students through engaging, meaningful lessons.
Reduced Distractions

Reduce distractions among students during instruction by utilizing VRedu’s advanced technology.
Immersive Experiences

Experience online labs, virtual field trips, and 3D models that support learning.
Custom Resources

Engage students with VRedu’s pre-made resources or design & create custom resources.
Cutting-Edge Research

Utilize VRedu’s learning platform to conduct valuable, ground-breaking educational research.

VRedu Supports its Partners in Education

VRedu builds strong relationships with its partners, offering tools, resources, and support that will maximize learning. The team offers institutions:

  • Grant Writing Assistance
  • Content Building Opportunities
  • Recurring App & Tool Updates
  • Help with Planning & Implementation
  • Top-Quality Technical Support & Customer Service
  • Personalized Usage Reports

VRedu in Action

To learn more about VRedu’s virtual reality experience, watch the full demo below. We recommend trying the application before watching the demo.

Interactive & Immersive

With VRedu’s educational technology, it feels like you’re right there! The intuitive look and feel of the application make virtual classrooms feel like the real thing. Interactive classroom sessions can be held with large or small groups for unlimited amounts of time.

Freedom & Flexibility

VRedu makes it easy to move around virtual classrooms with minimal body movement. Users can remain stationary while controlling their VR navigation by pointing and moving their fingers.  

Communicate & Collaborate

Easily work with others by utilizing the application’s many shared features. These collaborative features are designed to mimic the feel of a real learning environment and allow users to work together on labs, models, and many other projects.

What Users are Saying about VRedu!

“With the internet, distance learning became a possibility; add VR, and learning will once again feel personal.”

-Ricardo Castillo, Del Mar College Student

“VRedu is designed for the curious at heart, for those of us that are forever learners and are not content with what we already know. Not all of us learners are able to leave our homes so easily for concern of our health or for lack of transportation. This app brings one-on-one tutoring into your home so everyone has the ability to learn shoulder to shoulder with anyone in the world. This is what makes VRedu such an amazing tool for our society, with VRedu no one gets left behind.”

-Dennis Tedrow, Vincennes University Admissions Counselor & Community Engagement Specialist, former VU Professional Tutor

Get Started with VRedu

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