Curio XR

Learning Without Limits

Transform your students’ educational experience with Curio XR’s best-in-class, patented learning technology.

Interactive, Immersive & Engaging

Curio XR’s patented virtual reality/augmented reality ecosystem makes virtual classrooms and simulations seem like the real thing – no training required. Just put on a Meta Quest headset and students begin their virtual journey.

Swim with sharks. Soar with eagles. Create your own molecules. Draw and diagram in 3-D. Simulate hands-on job training. Immersive, engaging experiences compress learning times and maximize results by tuning out distractions and eliminating interruptions to focus students on the topic at hand. Curio XR democratizes learning so students everywhere can enjoy the best education possible.

Interactive sessions in eXtended Reality (XR is the umbrella term for virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality) can be held with an entire course, a small group, or an individual. Gather students in the same place or connect remotely – students can enjoy a virtual classroom from any location with a
Wi-Fi connection (or use offline when no internet connection is available).

5 Key Things to Know About Curio XR

Take a Tour

Watch this 5-minute video tour of our patented VR/AR app and learn how you can bring engaging educational experiences to life quickly and affordably.

XR: Transforming Education

Extended Reality (XR) is the umbrella term for Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), and everything yet to come in the space where education and technology come together. XR is already changing how we learn in the classroom, in the field, and on the job.

XR puts middle school, high school, and college students in the driver’s seat and increases focus and retention by removing outside distractions. According to a study by PwC, learners in VR are:

  • 4x faster to train than in the classroom; covering 2 hours of content in just 30 minutes
  • 275% more confident in applying the skills they have learned through simulated “hands-on” training
  • 3.75x more emotionally connected to content; the simulation-based aspect of VR/AR learning creates a deeper connection with students
  • 4x more focused than eLearners due to the need to be actively involved in simulations and exercises rather than passively watch a video or lecture

Maximize Engagement, Minimize Cost

Optimized Virtual Classrooms

Create and customize optimal classroom environments to maximize learning outcomes

Knowledge Retention

Increase knowledge retention through engaging, meaningful lessons in which students actively participate

Reduced Distractions

Maintain focus among students during instruction by utilizing Curio XR’s advanced technology and locking down headset access to a desired assignment

Immersive Experiences

Allow students to experience online labs, virtual field trips, 3D models and 360° perspectives that enhance learning

Cutting-Edge Research

Utilize Curio XR’s learning platform to conduct valuable educational research to benefit your students and those around the world

100% Free

Access to the latest VR/AR learning tools and simulations for free!

What People are Saying

“As a chemistry tutor, I like how Curio XR allows me to draw molecules in 3D so tutees can understand bond angles and molecular shapes better.”

Alana Knapke
University of Toledo LEC science tutor

“With the internet, distance learning became a possibility; add Curio XR, and learning once again feels personal.”

Ricardo Castillo
Del Mar College Student

“Curio XR is designed for the curious at heart, for those of us that are forever learners and are not content with what we already know. This app brings one-on-one tutoring into your home so everyone has the ability to learn shoulder to shoulder with anyone in the world. This is what makes it such an amazing tool for our society; with Curio XR no one gets left behind.”

Dennis Tedrow
Vincennes University Admissions Counselor & Community Engagement Specialist, former VU Professional Tutor

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Our Resources section is where you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions and our Virtual Reality Implementation Guide (VRIG). This collaborative document that details how to implement VR/AR on your campus is constantly being updated with the latest tips and tricks from our partner institutions; we highly recommend taking a look.